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After the accession of the State Quebec International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO in 1944, the administrative structure for Libyan civil aviation founded in 23rd Feb 1953 under the Libyan Aviation Administration, which represents legitimacy and legislative authority of the Libyan state in all forums and in front of bodies of local and international organizations in the field of civil aviation name.

Civil Aviation Authority is concerned with the implementation and application of the policies included in the Chicago Convention of 1944, signed by the Libyan state in 1953, becoming a member of the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO, the treaty provides the first article on the air that the absolute sovereignty of the state over the region in full.

Libyan state, the large geographical size, which exceed (1,750,000 square kilometers, almost) and Coast longitudinal overlooking the Mediterranean Sea (2000 kilometers), was part of Malta region Aviation, which extends from the latitude of 36.30 degrees north to latitude 22.00 degrees north and up to Oriental for the region longitude 25 degrees east longitude, and the limits of Western of the territory 11:30, and that this space massive air was Malta exercise its right to air sovereignty over the region and the entire Libyan territory, however, and by the national elements and personnel in the civil aviation sector, has been achieved sovereignty and control of the entire Libyan airspace in the sixth of December 1973, and the establishment of its own territory and the establishment of the center of temporary information for administration of the territory and control, has trained national elements and qualified to take over the reins in the management of air traffic qualifies air traffic controllers and all the other disciplines that will conduct the work of civil aviation sector.

Civil Aviation Administration of exercise wider powers in the management of civil aviation facility and implementation of public policy in the field of civil aviation, in the framework of international laws and decisions in the field of activity and have in particular:

The study design and contracting of various means of communication, including sending and receiving stations, radar and navigational aids, and all systems related to securing the safety of air navigation in the atmosphere of the Libyan state and other atmosphere that fall within the territory of the Libyan flight information, and secure aviation safety and regulation of air traffic in accordance with the local regulations and standards The international version of the Libyan airline pilots and advertisements, brochures and technical navigational charts and coordinate cooperation with neighboring countries, regions flight information centers to ensure aviation safety and the holding of conventions relating to this guide

Organization of the air transport business and take the necessary measures to hold bilateral and international agreements in coordination with the concerned authorities and the issuance of charter flights and trans permits for the exchange of commercial air transport rights of action, and the issuance of licenses for civil aircraft operating within the Libyan state.

Inspection of the work of national and foreign airlines in Libya and its agents, adopt and monitor the prices of domestic air transport and international fees charged by and adjust the irregularities committed by the imposition of penalties and fines within the limits of the legislation in force, and the preparation of Economic Research and the issuance of statistical reports on air traffic and to provide the necessary facilities to airlines operating in Libya.

The issuance of landing permits and transit of foreign military aircraft and aircraft as well as foreign official delegations, in coordination with the concerned authorities.

Presentation of the Libyan state in international and regional organizations and civil aviation bodies as well as in regional and international conferences and committees.

Study of international treaties in the field of civil aviation and recommendation on the Libyan position them and follow the necessary procedures for ratification or accession.

Test pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers and maintenance engineers, technicians and airline crews and evacuees and air traffic controllers and the issuance of vacation.

Civil aircraft registration and issuance of certificates of suitability and the adoption of operation and maintenance manuals, as well as the adoption of national and foreign institutions that aircraft maintenance and periodic inspection on them.

Aircraft accident investigation and preparation of technical reports relating thereto.

Issuance of licenses to conduct flight instruction and supervision and the adoption of programs of study and training and follow-up development.

Search and rescue services format.

Granting of licenses for the establishment of airports and land landing across Libya after making sure they meet all the necessary requirements.

Determine the fees and for services provided by third parties in the area of competence and took levied in accordance with the legislation in force.