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Aeronautical Information Section

Since 06 DEC 1973, from  that date Libyan aeronautical information service was initiated. AIS is a section of Air navigation service (ANS) divided into the following units:-

1. (NOTAM) Notice to Airmen Unit (International NOF) Managed by AIS
2. Aeronautical Information Publication and its appendices (AIP)
3. (BRIEFING) offices in airports: Tripoli, Mitiga, Benina, Sirte, Sebha, Misrata, Labraq, Kufra, Ghadames, Ghat and Tobruk.

AIS Section Tasks:

1 – Gather the raw information from different sources, and arrange them in an
international standard in compliance to ICAO SARPS, then issue this
information in a standard format called ( NOTAM).Distributed by means of AFTN.
2 – Briefing technicians provide pilots with basic information regarding domestic
and international flight routes.
3 – Flight plan handling ( review and send ) through international
communications system AFTN, before flight take off to the concerned parties,
as well as sending aviation messages regarding Departure (DEP ) , Arrival (ARR)
and Delay (DLA) of flights and any other information.
4- Issuance of aeronautical information circular(AIC), periodically. Also issuance of AIP Amendment .(AIP supplement & AIRAC SUP).
5 – Collect all aeronautical information and publish them as AIP AMDT or AIRAC AMDT in Libyan AIP . These amendments concern all information regarding airports, traffic, routes, navigational aid equipment, maps, meteorological, runways lighting etc.