No. Description
AD 0.1 Preface Not Applicable
AD 0.2 Record of AIP Amendments Not Applicable
AD 0.3 Record of AIP Supplements Not Applicable
AD 0.4 Checklist of AIP Pages Not Applicable
AD 0.5 List of hand amendments to the AIP
AD 0.6 Table of Contents Part 1
NO. Description
AD 1.1 Aerodrome/Heliport availability
AD 1.2 Rescue and fire fighting services and snow plan
AD 1.3 Index to aerodromes
AD 1.4 Grouping of aerodromes
NO. Description
AD2 HLGD   Ghardabiya
AD2 HLKF Kufra
AD2 HLLB Benina
AD2 HLLM Mitiga
AD2 HLLQ Labraq
AD2 HLLS Sebha
AD2 HLLT Tripoli
AD2 HLMS Misrata
NO. Description
AD3 HLBK    Kambut
AD3 HLTD Ghadames
AD3 HLTQ Tobruk
AD3 HLUB Ubari
AD3 HLZW Zwara



AD3.3 Petroleum aerodromes and attended landing groups